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Community Outreach is a passion of ours here at AVEC. For that reason, Dr. Powell-Johnson has reached out to many of our local rescue organizations. She offers comprehensive eye exams, treatment and even ophthalmic surgeries at little or no cost to these organizations. Through these relationships, we often meet many animals and hear amazing stories of their rescue and acclimation to better lives. In efforts to provide these animals the best ophthalmic care possible, we always look for high quality, cutting edge technology and products to make their lives as healthy as possible.

At AVEC we offer cataract surgery for animals to restore vision that is impaired from the progression of cataracts. After several diagnostic examinations, a patient may be considered as a candidate for this intraocular surgery. This surgery is extremely technical and requires diligence from both the owner as well as the ophthalmologist for pre/postoperative medical protocols.

As AVEC continues to reinvent itself in offering new procedures as well as products for the betterment of our patients, Dr. Powell-Johnson also continuously hones her skills as a clinical ophthalmologist and surgeon. One of the recent veterinary ophthalmology conferences she attended was at a conference held by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology. This conference and wet lab was offered in Boston, Massachusetts, in October of 2008. One of the topics discussed were veterinary cataract surgery and the implantation of foldable intraocular lenses (IOL).

Also, in January 2009, Dr. Powell-Johnson returned to her old stomping grounds where she attended graduate school, at the University of Florida; College of Veterinary Medicine. Piloted by one of the veterinary college faculty members and her mentor Dr. Kathy Barrie, this conference and wet lab were sponsored by Imed-Pharma (manufacture of the new foldable IOL, ACRI-Lens), with Marc Hollingsworth from the company’s veterinary division as one of the key presenters.

This is an exciting, new procedure for cataract surgery in animals; foldable intraocular lenses (IOL) implantation offers smaller incision sites, and also improves visual actuality.

We are very excited to offer this procedure at AVEC! In honor of her relationship with Paws Atlanta Rescue Organization, she offered one of their rescue animals with cataracts to be amongst the first recipients of this new ground breaking procedure.

We now would like to introduce you to Mogley. He is a little guy with a big heart. He is a 12 year old a miniature poodle. But what he is lacking in youth, he makes up for in character. We were looking for the ideal candidate to perform this new and exciting procedure. So following an extensive workup, including a preoperative physical exam, electroretinogram, and comprehensive ophthalmic examination, Mogley was deemed a perfect candidate for this new procedure.

Paws Atlanta’s staff member Laura, was very instrumental in the care of Mogley. She was with him for each appointment with Dr. Powell-Johnson and was diligent in the busy schedule of pre/postoperative medical regimes for Mogley’s eyes. After the intense two hour surgical procedure, Mogley emerged with little inflammation and sight immediately after surgery. The new procedure was and has been a major success for our cataract patients at AVEC.

Since the surgery, Laura communicates with us several times to give updates of Mogley’s progress. With his lovable personality and his renewed vision, there is no doubt that his adoption to a loving home is near.

We would like to thank the following for being instrumental in this success story:

PAWS Atlanta, Laura and staff
I-Med Pharma, Marc Hollingsworth
TH Design, Carol and staff

If you would like to make a donation to PAWS Atlanta, please visit their website at Your donations directly affect the animals that they care for on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.


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