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Posted on July 10, 2014


Meet Buttons, a small Chihuahua with a great personality and a big heart. This patient was presented by her owner with a concern that there was a swelling in the corner of the left eye.

A complete ophthalmic examination revealed a large mass involving the nictitans membrana, better known as the “third eyelid,” in the left eye. This structure provides protection for the front of the eye, and has an accessory tear gland within it. Exploratory surgery of the nictitans membrana was recommended.

Many of the patients that present to AVEC are senior pets, so we are especially sensitive to their needs. A detailed preoperative work up, including a physical examination, and a diagnostic hemogram is necessary. This determines if a pet is an ideal surgical candidate.

Buttons was taken to surgery and the mass was surgically removed. She had a smooth recovery and just recently was presented for suture removal.

The surgical specimen was submitted for histopathology and the news was good as this was a benign mass. AVEC will continue to monitor Buttons – for a long time we hope.


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